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Student Project Title Advisor(s) Major(s)/Minor(s)
Letherer, Daphne Make Some Noize: Rap as a Form of Political Protest in Russia Dr. Peter Pozefsky and Dr. Tatiana Filimonova Global and International Studies (History), Russian Studies
Tarrant, Alysa Understanding Behavioral and Emotional Responses to Frames Used by Animal Rights Organizations in the United States and France Marion Duval, Yi Zhu French and Francophone Studies, Communication Studies, Elementary Education
Shereikis, Nicholas Laughing Matters: Late-Night Political Comedy Television & Individual-Level Affective Polarization Angela Bos, Ph.D.; Denise Bostdorff, Ph.D. Political Science; Communication Studies
Carpenter, Kaci A. "First the Pain, Then the Rising": Assessing Student Knowledge of Title IX Policies and Procedures at The College of Wooster Melissa Weller and Michelle Johnson Communication Studies, Education
Davis, Emily The Effect of the Status of Women on Sexual Violence Against Women  Dr. Michele Leiby, Dr. Fiacre Bienvenu Political Science
Corso-Phinney, Isaiah Redemption of the Gàidhealtachd: The Formation of Highlandism from 1745 to 1822 Jeff Roche, Christina Welsch History
Faldowski, Morgan An Investigation of the Counseling Strategies Used by Pediatric Audiologists from the Perspective of Parents of Children Who are Deaf or Hard ing Donald M. Goldberg , Cara Hammond Communication Sciences and Disorders, Education
Samuelson, Eli M. A Predictive Model for Coach Firings in NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Dr.Drew Pasteur & Dr. Marian Frazier Mathematics, History
Wells, Rebecca D. Welcome to the Masquerade: Deception in the Preliminary Job Search Process Dr. Michelle Johnson; Dr. Melissa Weller Communication Studies, Music
Miller, Kevin The Identification and Characterization of a Halophilic UvrD Homologue, and its Incorporation into Helicase Dependent Amplification Dr. Ben Leslie Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Mathematics, Environmental Studies
Ferguson, Madeleine Optimizing Crop Rotations and Pest Management Strategies in Agriculture  Dr. John Ramsay Mathematics, Environmental Studies, French
Lapp, Maya M SimCity meets The Lorax:  Simulating Community Forest Management Dr. Colby Long Mathematics
Perry, Robin "Let It Be" An Examination of the Supreme Court’s Impact on Liberal Abortion Discourse in Ohio and Kentucky Newspapers Angie Bos, Bas van Doorn Political Science, History
Warren, Rebecca Spacing in the 5CSRTT Proves Beneficial in Early Levels Amy Jo Stavnezer and John Neuhoff Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience
Nikolich, Elise M. Being Moved by the Wild: A Study of Wilderness Spirituality and the Outdoors as a Tool for Retention and Recruitment in Quaker Communities Jeremy Rapport & Mark Graham Religious Studies, Chemistry, Environmental Studies
James, Anna Ecologically relevant cooling early in life does not affect expression of neophobia in zebra finch chicks (Taeniopygia guttatta)  Dr. Sharon Lynn, Dr. Jennifer Ison Biology, Spanish
Potts-Rubin, Henry The Planar Rook Algebra Robert Kelvey Mathematics
Lloyd, Kendall Calculators in the High School Classroom: Anxiety Levels and Attitude Towards Mathematics Dr. Jillian Morrison & Dr. Marian Frazier Mathematics, Education
Green, Samantha Greenbean Comics: An Independent Study!!! Christopher Kang & Kate Beutner English
Medema, Anna Arguing Over America’s Best Idea: Examining the Congressional Partisan Divide with Regard to Public Lands Policy Dr. Bas van Doorn Dr. Angela Bos Political Science, Environmental Studies
Nguyen, Bao Chau A Boolean Model of Microglial Phenotype Transitions Under Acute and Chronic Inflammation Dr. Erzsébet Ravasz Regan Neuroscience, Environmental Studies
Lanier, Alexis Sourcing groundwater contamination from possible mine drainage in Navarre, Ohio using MODFLOW Dr. Karen Alley, Dr. Greg Wiles Geology, Ancient Mediterranean Studies
Tromba, Samantha The Surge of Religious Polychrome Sculptures in the Golden Age of Spain as Vivid Artistic Reponses to the Call of the Counter Reformation Dr. Tracy Cosgriff, John Siewert Art History, Education 
Kasnyik, Koral Investigating Changes in Protein Ubiquitylation Following Sleep Deprivation in Drosophila melanogaster Dr. Seth Kelly, Dr. William Morgan Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Loftus, Kathleen How do mothers influence the gut microbiomes of their infants Dr. Sharon Lynn, Dr. Rick Lehtinen Biology
Miliotou, Eleni The effects of melatonin in the glymphatic system in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model Dr. Amy Jo Stavnezer & Dr. Ashley Abraham  Neuroscience
Lohman, Casey The Scars and the Moon: Theatrical Monologues Telling LGBTQIA+ Stories Dr. Natasha Bissonauth, Dr. Ahmet Atay Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, English, Theater, Communication Studies
Pike, Kyndalanne What’s in the Water?:Examining Contamination by Poly- and Perfluoroalkyl Substances in Rainwater  Dr. Faust & Dr. Morrison Chemistry, Mathematics
Roski, Marina Rae Building Multilateral Military Coalitions: A Study of Bribery and Coercion in Controversial Military Interventions Jeff Lantis, Sid Simpson Political Science with an International Relations Focus, Economics
LaPoole, Desi Repairing a Nation: A visual exploration into the American debate on reparations for slavery Denise Bostdorff, Angie Bos Journalism & Society (self design)
Minerva, Mason A History of Groundwater Contamination and Treatment in Wooster, Ohio Dr. Alex Crawford and Dr. Greg Wiles Geology
Nolin, Kelsey Through the Looking Glass: a Self Portraiture Exploration of Selfhood and Identity Bridget Milligan, Walter Zurko, Tracy Cosgriff Studio Art
Oliboni, Pedro Adami On The Long-Term Future Importance of Investments in Economic Growth and Global Catastrophic Risk Reduction John Ramsay and Garrett Thomson Mathematics, Philosophy, Economics
Ke, Yuxuan (Katie) Scanning and Spending: Examining the Impact ofMobile Payment Penetration on the Saving Ratein Contemporary China Melanie Long & James Bonk Business Economics, East Asian Studies
Montgomery, Claire Witch’s Luck Kate Beutner and Claire Eager English
Perales, Timothy The Audio-Visual Processing of Horror Advisor – John Neuhoff, Second Reader – Evan Wilhelms Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience
Dinh, Thuy Remembering the City; An Augmented Reality Deconstruction of Memory, Power, and Identity in Ho Chi Minh City Dr. Margaret Ng & Denise Byrnes Computer Science, History
Donohue, Abby Thoughts and Prayers or Policy and Action?: The Role Interest Groups Play in State Firearm Legislation Dr. Bas van Doorn, Dr. Angela Bos Political Science, History
Palmejar-Takaki, Mia We’re All in This Together: The Relationship Between Ethnic Identity and Friends for Multi-ethnic Individuals in Emerging Adulthood Dr. Amber Garcia and Dr. Michelle Johnson  Psychology, Communication Studies
Randall, Emily Paleoenvironments Containing Coryphodon in the Fort Union and Willwood Formations Spanning the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), Bighorn Basin, Wyoming Wooster: Dr. Mark Wilson; Keck Advisors: Dr. Michael D’Emic, Dr. Simone Hoffmann, and Dr. Brady Foreman, Dr. Karen Alley Geology, Environmental Studies
Epling, Henry The Palm Oil Industry – Destructive or Sustainable? Defining Sustainable Palm Oil Matt Mariola & Carlo Moreno Environmental Studies
Ferling, Benjamin Cashing In On Kaepernick: A Visual Ideological Analysis of the Commodification of Racial Equity and Inclusion in Nike’s Equality and “Just Do It” Advertising Campaigns Dr. Ahmet Atay & Dr. Melissa Weller Communication Studies, Political Science
Blotner, Ben East vs. West: A Study of Orientalist Tropes in Sports Journalism Zoe Gibbons English, Communication Studies
Montgomery, Grace Mother Nature and Menvironmental Politics: How Gendered Frames Affect Support for the Clean Air Act Professor Angela Bos Political Science
Quigley, Charlie The Effect of Violence and Active Gameplay on Recognition of Advertisements in Video Games Nathaniel Foster, Michael Casey Psychology, History
Hayford, Efua Aferiba Explaining the Gender Gap in Agricultural Productivity: An Analysis of Farmers’ Land Tenure Security in Rural Ghana Dr. Melanie Long, Dr. Amyaz Moledina  Economics
Cotter, Emma How Minority Candidates’ Intersectional Identities Affect Their Use of Race and Gender Issue Ownership Campaign Strategies Dr. Angie Bos –, Dr. Àlvaro Corral Political Science, History
Grossmann, Jennifer The Effect of an Antioxidant Supplement on a Mouse Model of Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Amy Jo Stavnezer, Dr. Susan Clayton Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience
Linafelt, Eleanor Write It Slant: Queerness and Form in The Argonauts and Time Is the Thing a Body Moves Through Natasha Bissonauth & Susanna Sacks English, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Weiss, Isaac Compactness Measures for Legislative Districts Dr. John Ramsay & Dr. Bas van Doorn Mathematics, Political Science, Computer Science
Borges, Brandon Empty Stadiums, Empty Promises: A Study of the Impact of Mega-Sporting Events on the Civil Unrest of the Host Country Fiacre Bienvenu & Bas van Doorn Political Science
Joyner, Alexandria Contested Commemoration: The Relationship Between Politics and the Memorialization of the Second World War in Polish Literature, Cinema, and Museums (1945-Present) Dr. Greg Shaya History, Education 
Richard, John-Paul The Song of Siros Dr. Bourne, Dr. Filimonova English, Russian Studies
Miller, Cami Parks for the People: A Comparative Analysis of Diversity Engagement between Cuyahoga Valley National Park and Yosemite National Park Dr. Zareen Thomas and, Dr. David McConnell  Anthropology , Spanish 
Buckley, Ingrid Documerica: How Environmental Photography Captured an Era Margaret Ng History, Environmental Studies
Nugent, John Effects of Viscosity on the Isomerization of Calix[4]arene Capped Azobenzene Dr. Paul Bonvallet Chemistry
Beuter, Emily Pedagogía Política: Un análisis de la enseñanza de la dictadura de Pinochet y los derechos humanos en Chile/Political Pedagogy: An Analysis of the Teaching of the Pinochet Dictatorship and Human Rights in Chile Dr. Katie Holt and Dr. Cynthia Palmer History, Spanish, Education
Main, Libbie Durkheim’s Day in Court: A Sociological Analysis of Supreme Court Cases Concerning Conditions of Confinement Under the Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clause Anne Nurse, Tom Tierney Sociology, Political Science
Watson, Micaela The Same and Other Race Effects: The Minority Classroom Experience Ashley Abraham and Grit Herzmann Psychology, Education
Nashawati, Dena Effects of Culture on Mental Health Stigma Nathaniel Foster & Susan Clayton Psychology, Anthropology, East Asian Studies
Kahn, Eliana The Continuation of Violence: Analyzing the Retraumatization of Incarcerated Survivors of Domestic Violence and Evaluating the Potential of a “Trauma-Informed” Prison Model Dr. Tom Tierney and Dr. Zareen Thomas Sociology, Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies
Miller, Claire Does Age Matter? The Effects of Age Composition on Social Movement Success Professor Leiby, Professor Bienvenue  Political Science, Chinese
Stutler, Sarah Chasing Gold Statues: A Study of Kanye West and the Case for Abstract Minimalism in the Digital Age Christopher Kang and John Siewert Art History, English
Hutson, Sharah "Georgia" All My N*ggas is Casket Pretty: Projects of Sustainability for Black Folks Evan Riley  Philosophy 
McGuire, Margaret What a Mouthful! Modeling Geographic Tongue as a Reaction Diffusion System Dr. R. Drew Pasteur and Dr. Robert Kelvey Mathematics
Kelly, Cormac Britain First: The British Union of Fascists’ Peace Campaign, 1932-1940 Greg Shaya History , Political Science
Vandenbergen, Sarah An Investigation into the Possible Impact of Early-Life Stress on Music as a Stress-Reduction Tool Dr. John Neuhoff, Dr. Grit Herzmann Cognitive Behavioral Neuroscience, Music
Felch, Jack Wood, Paper, and Glue Walter Zurko Studio Art
Murray, Gloria B. A Study in Kinship Bridget Milligan Studio Art
Arts, Andrea I Made This With My Hands Erin Ikeler Studio Art
Ruffin, Donyea M. Appropriation: Black Hair & Black Culture
Erin Ikeler Studio Art