Leslie Chinery

“Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves”: Creating a Financial Literacy Workshop for College-Aged Women on the Relationship Among Spending, Saving, and Investing

April 9, 2021   /  

Name: Lesley Chinery
Major: Communication Studies
Minor: Africana Studies
Advisor: Dr. Denise Bostdorff

For my independent study, I created an hour-long virtual financial literacy workshop for college-aged women. The purpose of workshop was to increase understanding of the relationship among spending, saving, and investing. By drawing on scholarly research on persuasion and financial literacy, interviews with experts on economics and facilitators of financial literacy workshops, I planned and facilitated a financial literacy workshop. Financial information can seem very daunting to individuals who have little to no knowledge on or experience with the topic. As such, in considering how to present economic information to college-aged women through the workshop I constructed, I utilized the Cognitive Response Theory and the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM). Cognitive Response Theory proposes that a message is more likely to persuade audience members when they approve of it or, that is, when the message aligns with their beliefs or they find the composition of the message favorable (Benoit and Benoit 22). I employed the two routes of cognitive processing, central and peripheral processing, at different points in planning and creating the workshop such as in advertisements, examples used in the workshop, and the sequence of topics in the workshop.

This study allowed me to be very creative with a rather intimidating topic. I wanted more college-aged women interested in the topic and equipped with helpful information to navigate their own finances. By creating the workshop, I hoped that participants would leave with an increased understanding of the relationship among spending, saving, and investing.

Works Cited

Benoit, William L., and Pamela J. Benoit. “The Cognitive Approach to Persuasion.”Persuasive Messages:The Process of Influence. Blackwell, 2008, pp. 20-31.

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Lesley will be online to field comments on April 16:
10am-noon EDT (Asia: late evening, PST: 6-8am, Africa/Europe: late afternoon)

100 thoughts on ““Sisters are Doin’ It for Themselves”: Creating a Financial Literacy Workshop for College-Aged Women on the Relationship Among Spending, Saving, and Investing”

  1. You, dear sister, are doing it for yourself *and* others, which is what makes both you and this project so special. Good luck with the symposium!

  2. This is such an important topic, well done for investing time to it. You never cease to make me proud, you are indeed you mother’s daughter! Good luck with the workshop. Mum

  3. Well done for engaging with such an important area of work which has confounded public and private sector policy makers over many years! Worthwhile project. Good luck

  4. Knowledge in financial literacy especially for the target group brings independence, confidence and focus. Well done for this insightful workshop.

  5. This is an important and relevant subject for financial security. You targeted the bright population. Well done Leslie.

  6. This is really inspiring. You are promoting sustainable growth and financial independence. That is selfless. Keep soaring, importantly, with others in mind. God bless

  7. You’ve given attention to an all too neglected area. What you are offering to other young women is absolutely priceless.

  8. It’s an insightful project. You’ve aided the process of bridging the communication gap in financial literacy. Good job. Congratulations!

  9. Great topic Lesley. It is an important subject as knowledge in financial literacy is useful. Good luck

  10. This is a very important topic that needs regular discussion to ensure many more women are comfortable engaging in it. Thanks for blazing the trail to get the ball rolling. Well done Leslie

  11. Hi Lesley – Congratulations on exploring and developing such an important project. I’m inspired by your leadership in this area…

  12. Great and very thoughtful work, Lesley! Not only did you dive into work on financial literacy, your work investigated how to design an effective educational workshop.

  13. Great and important work, Lesley! How might you see this translated into a kind of workshop that you could offer in the future at higher ed institutions?

    1. Hi Dr. Garcia,
      I would definitely like to see this kind of workshop incorporated into areas like first-year classes like the First Year Seminar here at Wooster, career planning programming, or even as a requirement final year students need to fulfill for graduation.
      However, ideally, I would very much like it if workshops like the one conducted in this study were offered for each class year with content relevant to their stage in life. This means that by the time students are ready to graduate, they would have taken a total of four financial literacy workshops that build on each other. These could cover topics ranging from budgeting to negotiating compensation packages at your place of employment.

  14. Wow! This is such an important topic and conversation to have. The lack of knowledge about financial literacy should not be as common as it is now. Thank you for this amazing resource.

    1. Thank you, Raven! I hope more opportunities like this one will be made available at the College in the future.

  15. Congratulations, Lesley! I’m sure your work has made a difference in empowering other women through financial literacy.

  16. Amazing job Lesley! It is inspiring to see how you used your IS to help other women. With all the research you have done, could you see this being turned into a business or small organization of sorts?

    1. Yes, definitely! There are many organizations and institutions that are primarily focused on providing women with financial knowledge through different avenues such as consulting, workshops, literature, social media content, etc. A stellar example is Ellevest and you can check out their website here https://www.ellevest.com/?&ko_click_id=Cj0KCQjw6-SDBhCMARIsAGbI7UiEOgZadACCxjUeM_-YPJGL32A-7gaOu4f7vSaco9a1UM5nz-ldQB0aAuVjEALw_wcB&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6-SDBhCMARIsAGbI7UiEOgZadACCxjUeM_-YPJGL32A-7gaOu4f7vSaco9a1UM5nz-ldQB0aAuVjEALw_wcB or Instagram @ellevest.

  17. What an impactful, thoughtful, and well-designed study, Lesley! I wish I’d had access to this kind of knowledge when I was younger.

  18. I got to attend this workshop and! You are genuinely one of the most intelligent human beings I have gotten to meet. You also approach everything with such care. Just so amazing!!

    1. Hi, Micah! It was wonderful having you at my workshop. You went from participant to friend! Thank you for your support!

  19. Congratulations, Lesley. This project draws from so many of your strengths: event planning, communication, mentoring, empowering women. I’m certain you will continue to hone these strengths (and discover more!) in grad school and beyond.

    1. Thank you and Dr. Johnson for hammering on the importance of discovering strengths and showing how to utilize them.

  20. How’s it going today?!! Can I schedule you to come back in the fall and talk with my FYS?

  21. Lesley – I am not at all surprised by how smart and engaging your project is. I think it’s great how community-focused your study is as a way to build networks, knowledge, and ultimately, confidence. I hope your workshop is implemented by many!

    1. I wish you saw me screaming when I read your name. You have been deeply missed. Thank you for being part of the solid foundation the Communication Studies department has provided me.

  22. Lesley, It was so amazing to witness this project and all your hard work first hand. I know I was so impressed by the original presentation, and your passion for helping others gain important life skills is so evident. Its what makes this project so great! I’m so grateful to know you and complete this experience alongside you. You inspire me, and you’re amazing! Now lets go have a fancy picnic and celebrate.

  23. Attending your workshop was a highlight of my semester! I have loved to see you grow and Blossom into the professional you are today✨

  24. Lesley, it is a joy and inspiration to see all that you do! I wish you all the best moving into this next part of your life.

  25. Such an awesome project from start to finish Lesley!! Excited to see where your research takes you!

  26. The fact that you wanted to educate college-aged women on financial literacy and implemented it during your IS: creating impact as you go, sis!!! We don’t leave this on paper. What more can I say: amazing!

    1. Thank you so much for attending my workshop and for helping to make this possible!

  27. Lesley, this is such a helpful and relevant IS project! I hope you find a way to share it with young women for years to come. Too many girls miss opportunities because they haven’t learned to boldly manage their own accomplishments & finances. But we all this power! Thank you.

  28. Such a relevant topic, Lesley! So proud of you! I can’t wait to see you changed the world one workshop at a time!

  29. I really love that you took IS in such a non-traditional direction. I think more presenters should attack their topics like you did – actually researching how best to reach their audience. So often presentations are given by people who know their field but really haven’t given much thought into how best to communicate that information. Thank you for sharing this!

  30. Glad to have been able to be a part of the workshop. Awesome work and congrats!

  31. Congratulations on your great work Lesley!! Wishing you the very best on what you will accomplish next!!

  32. I am so glad I got to take part in your incredible workshop! You are such an inspiration, and I am so so thankful that I know you. Amazing job, congratulations!!!

  33. Wow! this is great! Congrats Lesley! Thanks for creating an impactful project. Wish you the best in your future endeavors!

  34. Lesley, this was such a powerful project! So proud of all your accomplishments and hard work 🙂

  35. Your project is so cool, Lesley! I love that you’ve created something with positive real-world implications. Fantastic work!

  36. This is a laudable initiative that you are nvesting time in. Bravo fifille. All the best for the workshop. Proud of you.

  37. I love seeing how you’ve fueled your passions into this project, it’s such a perfect way to wrap up the many wonderful things you’ve contributed to our campus. Awesome job Lesley!

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