Devon Matson

We’re All A Little Bit Gay: Female Homoeroticism In Greek Art

April 2, 2021   /  

Student Name: Devon Matson
Majors: History, Archaeology
Advisors: Dr. Jordan Biro Walters, Dr. Olivia Navarro-Farr

My Independent Study focuses on how homoerotic relationships between women can be seen in Greek art. Using queer and feminist theory, I present a reinterpretation of several art pieces and display this in a digital exhibition. These analyses help combat the heteronormative and androcentric narrative that is dominate in the field of archaeology, specifically Classical archaeology. This project is important because it brings to light conversations about identities and our understanding of the people in the past. Questioning the current scholarship is important, especially as it relates to ideas such as gender, sexuality, and race. I am also excited about the digital exhibition that I created to display my art pieces. It was important to me that this information be as accessible as possible, and I feel that by creating a digital exhibition that is guided and narrated, I was able to present the information to a broader audience. I have been interested in female representation in Greek art since I started studying archaeology. Exploring their sexuality felt important and interesting to me because there is a lack of scholarship regarding lesbians throughout history. In the future, I would like to see more art pieces being reexamined under these theoretical lenses. I hope to see more digital exhibitions such as this one, because I believe that they can be a great way to spread information in an engaging way.

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Devon will be online to field comments on April 16: 10am-noon EDT (Asia: late evening, PST 6am-8am, Africa/Europe: late afternoon)