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Student/Team Project Title EL Program
Tim Cotter, Stachal Harris, Michael Nahhas Benefits Cliff II: Building a BRIDGE to Self-Sufficiency: Policy Prescriptions to Address Benefits Cliffs in Ohio AMRE
Stacy Park, Rita Chiboub Women’s Empowerment in Tanzania: Understanding and fixing data issues for analysis to evaluate the Trias/Maisha Bora sponsored project “Women’s Food Security Program for Impoverished Maasai Households” AMRE
Brendan Dufty, Sky Gill, Bang Nguyen, Ariel Xie STEM Success Initiative: Prediction of Retention and Persistence AMRE
Brandon Charles, Katie Harvey, Andreas Xenofontos Wooster Arts and Culture District: Feasibility and Economic Impact Study AMRE
Kien Le, Quan Hien Nguyen, Pavithra Reddy United Titanium: Database Creation AMRE
Srushti Chaudhari, Mazvita Chikomo, Wenshou (Fred) Zhao Tree Ring Analysis: Dendrochronological analysis of the tree ring series of Mountain Hemlock, Western Hemlock, European Larch, and White Oak trees AMRE
Salim Dohri, Zhen Guo humbly LLC: Data Analytics and Software Engineering AMRE
Will McCullough, Tabitha Skornik-Hayes Habitat for Humanity: Economic Impact Analysis AMRE
Rephael Berkooz Economic and healthcare impact of the Health Coach Program at Wooster Community Hospital APEX Fellowship
Macy Bischoff Volunteered remotely with Cards for Courage APEX Fellowship
Sarah Caley Implementation and oversight of virtual summer camps APEX Fellowship
Kayla Bertholf Bioinformatic approach to analyze the conservation of C-Terminal Binding protein APEX Fellowship
Alexander Cohen Created a new system of intern recruitment at IRC Sacramento’s Volunteer Coordination department APEX Fellowship
Noah Crane Educational outreach for mental health awareness and stigma prevention at NAMI APEX Fellowship
Alex DeLong Research paper on Hemaspots and their usefulness in resource limited settings at Center for AIDS Research APEX Fellowship
Holly Engel Wrote articles, fact-checked stories, generated ideas at Ohio Magazine APEX Fellowship
Morgan Fields Created virtual, outdoor education lessons at Camp Nuhop in Mohcan State Park APEX Fellowship
Megan Fisher Scheduling, handling insurance, and working closely with clinicians at Nemeth Counseling in Hilliard, Ohio APEX Fellowship
Sierra Foltz Audited and taught online writing courses and workshops at The Muse Writer’s Center in Norfolk, Virginia APEX Fellowship
Wilson Freije Reviewing of data and editing in the publication of research at an IU School of Medicine radiation oncology lab in Indianapolis APEX Fellowship
Hannah Groetsch Conducted direct voter contact, worked and strategized with the campaign team at People for Tarra Simmons in Washington’s 23rd Legislative District APEX Fellowship
Laura Haley Created content and marketing material at Beagle Productions APEX Fellowship
Ciara Hudson Conducted case research, wrote legal briefs, and improved social media outreach for the city solicitor of Shamokin, Pennsylvania APEX Fellowship
Amelia Kemp Collected data on current posts and created new social media content for BFCC in Colorado Springs, CO APEX Fellowship
Huy Kieu Software engineering duties involving web application development and professional programming at FPT Software in Ho Chi Minh City APEX Fellowship
Eric Kraus Volunteered with The American Red Cross in Pittsburgh APEX Fellowship
Katiasofia Gonzales Planning and conducted online classes for 4th to 9th grades at the Colegio Montesori del Cusco, Peru APEX Fellowship
Noah Leonard Conducted aid eligibility interviews and organized events at Open Door Resource Center and Salvation Army APEX Fellowship
Narissa Le Planned and organized campaigns for multiple products at VinGroup Joint Stock Company APEX Fellowship
Will McMichael Research on ow stress induces neuroinflammation in the Amygdala, and morphological changes in microglia cells at Rosalind Franklin University APEX Fellowship
Hannah Baker Created and taught online classes on spelling and assistive technology at The Legacy Center APEX Fellowship
Alexandra Manopoulou Civil, Administrative and Criminal Law at Papagermanos and Associate APEX Fellowship
Alegnta Mezmur Policy research on women empowerment at Addis Law Group LLP and Forum for Social Studies APEX Fellowship
Aubry Miller Redesigned catalog at Genie Supply and Coordinated media postings at NextShark APEX Fellowship
Montoya Laura Community needs research and advocacy presentations to combat local domestic violence APEX Fellowship
Vy Nguyen Plastic’s organic toxicity present in indoor air using analytical instruments and software APEX Fellowship
Raisa Tasnim Raofa Created physics outreach materials at Intigra Science Organization, Bangladesh APEX Fellowship
Gordon Reeves Organized panels of political and academic leaders from the Middle East APEX Fellowship
Saralee Renick Implemented children’s activities, and wrote grants at the YWCA Sojourner’s Shelter for Homeless Women and Families APEX Fellowship
Eraj Sikandar Virtual training program to improve HIV testing and counseling within prisons nationwide APEX Fellowship
Jenna Smith Performed agricultural fieldwork, led programs in organic farming, and observed non-profit management techniques APEX Fellowship
Riley Smith Gender equality through social media management and research APEX Fellowship
Harry Susalla Researched grants, managed Zoom calls, and worked with queer youth APEX Fellowship
Elizabeth Testamark Engaged with an online audience through interviews at The Urban Christian Woman APEX Fellowship
Vinh Nghiem To Formulating and executing platforms and models of an AI project to solve modern business problems APEX Fellowship
Megan Tuennerman Launching One Blue Ocean, an ocean advocacy group working to inspire change through positive visual media APEX Fellowship
Lucy Wickham Researched operations of training tutors and developed learning modules for online Calculus review APEX Fellowship
Mika Yonaha Created online and physical entertaining contents at Harmony Center Experience for Children APEX Fellowship
Maryam Abdul Hye Marketing and search support for client projects APEX Fellowship
Jacob Abramo Assisted case research, and observed trial preparation and proceedings at the Wayne County Prosectuor’s Office APEX Fellowship
Hasan Malik Utilization of telemedicine technology in speciality healthcare departments APEX Fellowship
Raven Reece Assisted in creating a scholarship program, and studied the causes, consequences and meanings of poverty in Poughkeepsie, New York APEX Fellowship
Steve Spidell Advising and assessing athletes at Connected Performance in Canfield, Ohio APEX Fellowship