Vinh To

APEX Fellowship | Vinh Nghiem To

October 27, 2020   /  

Major: Statistical and Data Sciences
Class Year: 2022
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Ison

Wilson Award

Interning at FPT Software in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, I was involved in formulating and executing platforms and models of an AI project to solve modern business problems.

Vinh Nghiem To will be online to field comments on Nov. 5 from 8:00am – 10:00am.

12 thoughts on “APEX Fellowship | Vinh Nghiem To”

  1. Thank you for sharing about your experience with AI models! I’m glad you were able to experience the two phases of the project during your summer internship.

    1. Thank you so much, Prof. Faust. I couldn’t have this opportunity without your help, I really appreciate it.

  2. Vinh – I’m so glad this worked out for you and that you have a clearer idea of what you would like to do after college. And that you have started developing your network will serve you well!

    1. Thanks a lot, Mrs. McConnell. It has been a great experience for me and I learned a lot from it.

  3. Vinh,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am intrigued by this AI work for object detection and classification. This work, I assume, forces you to think about human cognition as you work to make machine object “recognition” possible.

    1. Yes, it is in some aspects. On the other hand, the AI can recognize an object and classify it due to the “trend” of arranged color pixels on the image, so we have to create a training dataset to teach them how to recognize those “trends.” The deep learning intuition is indeed much more complex than my explanation.

  4. Hi Vinh,
    Great presentation! It was wonderful to revisit your journey and hear your final summary!

    1. Thanks a lot, Prof. Ison. It is my honor to work with you during the summer. You guided me a lot in how to observe and think of my internship from many perspectives, including emotional, networking, academic, and career.

  5. Thank you Vinh, It sounds like a great experience in many ways. I find it interesting to hear about all the different applications for machine learning. What aspects of modeling do you like best – programming, model formulation, application?

    1. Hi Prof. Sobeck, thank you so much for your comment. I would say programming and application are the two aspects I like the most. One of the most interesting things in programming is that we can try different methods, detect bugs, see how we can optimize the program, and of course, see how it can be applied to real-world problems. Somehow I think it is very similar to doing labs.

  6. Congratulations, Vinh! It sounds like your experience truly allowed you to explore a potential future career, and to navigate your academic journey. It’s fantastic to see all your work celebrated today!

  7. I’ve heard such good things about the FPT internships and I was so glead to learn more! Thank you for sharing!

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