Steve Spidell

APEX Fellowship | Steve Spidell

October 30, 2020   /  

Majors: Communication Studies
Class Year: 2021
Faculty Mentor: Leslie Wingard

Wilson Award

As a Trainee Consultant at Connected Performance in Canfield, Ohio, I assisted the team with media and advising athletes. I also researched how to assess athletes and learn marketing/sales.

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7 thoughts on “APEX Fellowship | Steve Spidell”

  1. Congratulations, Steve! I’m always impressed with APEX Fellows’ abilities to find work that they’re passionate about, and I think your experience epitomizes that ability. It sounds like you had a genuinely phenomenal time working with Connected Performance, and that you were able to explore potential post-graduation professional options while simultaneously networking in the field!

    1. Thank you, Nick! With the guidance of the CP staff and APEX, this summer was a success and afforded my opportunities and experiences that will help me in the future. I can’t say enough about the great people around me that made my APEX Fellowship a great experience! Thank you for all of the help with my presentation and guidance through this process!

  2. Steve – Nice job this summer. It sounds like you got a lot from the experience, especially in the area of understanding player’s physical and mental conditions. So cool that you got to work with Alec Hammond ’18. And not every internship ends with an offer of a position after college like yours has with Triway HS. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! This summer helped me understand how much a pitcher’s mentality impacts their performance. Alec was a great mentor and guided me to have a better understanding for the physical and mental sides of pitching. This fellowship has made a lasting impact on me and I can’t thank Alec enough!

  3. Steve,
    Thanks for your presentation! This sounds like a wonderful experience for you. Your passion is evident. Congratulations on the continuation of this path.

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