Raisa Tasnim Raofa

APEX Fellowship | Raisa Tasnim Raofa

October 27, 2020   /  

Major: Physics
Class Year: 2023
Faculty Mentor: Cody Leary

Wilson Award

While interning at Intigra Science Organization, Bangladesh, I created physics outreach materials for events like science camp and other workshops. I also developed content covering various concepts of physics.

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6 thoughts on “APEX Fellowship | Raisa Tasnim Raofa”

  1. Raofa – Loved how you were inspired to share your science background, especially with folks back home. And it’s great that one of the outcomes was that you got a much better understanding of the breadth of Physics. Thanks for mentioning the value of communicating with your personal networks for finding opportunities. Congratulations on making the most of your summer.

    1. Cathy – Thank you very much for your inspiration and for all the support throughout the summer and the ongoing fall semester.

  2. Raofa,
    Thank you for sharing your internship! I’m glad you were able to find an internship that so closely fit your interests.

  3. Interesting project Raofa. It sounds like a wonderful internship and impactful on your growth as a scientist. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Cool project, Raisa!!! I love it. I was just thinking about you because I saw your ModelUN award. You’ve been so busy!

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