Mika Yonaha

APEX Fellowship | Mika Yonaha

October 27, 2020   /  

Major: Self-Designed
Class Year: 2021
Faculty Mentor: Matt Krain

Wilson Award

As an experience designer for Harmony Center Experience for Children in Tokyo, Japan, I created online and physical entertaining contents which children can enjoy remotely and plan new events.

Mika Yonaha will be online to field comments on Nov. 5 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm.

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  1. Hi, Mika! Congratulations! I’m still blown away at just how polished and creative your presentation is — which I think speaks well to why you were such a great fit for Harmony Center! I’m so glad you managed to find an experience that you were passionate about, and got the chance to put some of your skills to use helping plan events and activities. Cheers!

    1. Hi Nick! Thank you very much for your comment! Thanks to your help, I was able to give this presentation. I really appreciate all your help!

  2. Mika,
    This is a wonderful explanation of the internship experience that you had. I really enjoyed working with you, and reading your reflections this summer. Your presentation makes clear just how much you got out of the experience, even given the difficult circumstances.

    I am in awe at your creativity, and your dedication to connecting that creative design energy to teaching and learning, especially in a virtual environment. It’s a challenge that so many of us who are rethinking our classroom experiences are also facing right now. What advice would you have for people like me who often do not think like “experience designers”, but hope to have the same impacts with students that you achieved?

    1. Thank you for your comment professor Krain. Thanks to a lot of your thought-provoking reflection questions, my APEX fellowship internship became more meaningful. I really enjoyed thinking about those questions and read your feedback every week.

      To your question, I would say that the key is warm interaction. Since everything is online now, students feel less connection with their classmates and professors. We should actively and intentionally include the kind of interaction between classmates and professors more than in-person class. For example, your thoughtful and detailed feedback to my reflections during APEX fellowship made me feel connection with you and really motivated me even though I haven’t meet you in person. The thoughtful feedback has a similar effect to the letter exchange program I mentioned in the presentation. The ways of designing good interactive experience totally depends on what kind of class you have and who you offer the class, but the significant point is creating warm interaction through the experience.

  3. Hi Mika,

    What a wonderful opportunity! And how amazing that it aligned so well with your own major.
    I sincerely appreciated your discussion of finding your own “uniqueness” as part of design. A task many of us are still working on, but one I feel you are well on your way to defining.

    I look forward to seeing where your path takes you. You have already touched the lives of a new generation with the programs you designed this summer. Thank you!

    1. Thank you very much for your comment, Cameron! I really glad to hear that you appreciated one of the my main takeaways, finding my uniqueness as a designer. I will keep thinking and developing my uniqueness!

  4. This was such an interesting project, I really enjoyed the way you handled the “I’m fine, thank you” response.

    1. Thank you for coming to my presentation page Stachal! I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the part, “I’m fine, thank you” response, because that was my intention. Thank you for your comment!

  5. Thank you for this terrific and insightful presentation Mika!

    Your resourcefulness and application of design process and principles really shines in your work. Out of all the things you did with the Harmony Center, what was your favorite experience?

    1. Thank you for coming my presentation page professor Guarnera! I am really glad to see your comment here!

      My favorite experience with the Harmony Center is creating whole English program from scratch as a leader. I’ve learned a lot of things from the experience. It was really challenging for me, but I felt so happy to see that the children who took the English program really enjoyed it!

  6. Mika – It sounds like you got to be in on a significant transformation for HCEC that the pandemic brought on. It will be interested to find out how they will use the remote platforms even once the pandemic subsides. I loved learning how the Center combined remote and physical interaction. And, I appreciate your comment about how working for a small organization allowed you the chance to have real responsibilities. Nice job!

  7. Mika,
    Thank you for preparing such a wonderful presentation about your experience. I really appreciate your reflections about how your work influences the work of your team members. You have captured the challenges of collaboration, and you can now articulate how deeply you understand your role in team projects.
    I would love to hear more about your idea about experience designing.

  8. Mika, I’m sorry my comment is late, but I wanted you to know that I think you did an awesome job! Thank you for your hard work!

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