Megan Tuennerman

APEX Fellowship | Megan Tuennerman

October 27, 2020   /  

Majors: Environmental Studies, Sociology
Class Year: 2022
Faculty Mentor: Paul Edminston

Andrew Award of Excellence

As the Assistant Launch Director for One Blue Ocean, an ocean advocacy group working to inspire change through positive visual media, I helped to launch this new non-profit.

The Andrew Award for Excellence recognizes students who demonstrated distinction throughout the process of applying for an APEX Fellowship.

Megan Tuennerman will be online to field comments on Nov. 5 from 11:00am – 1:00pm.

11 thoughts on “APEX Fellowship | Megan Tuennerman”

  1. Great presentation! You have natural talent in communicating via videos and digital media. You provided some terrific tips for other students in finding internships. I’m going to send other students to your view your video. I hope the semester has gone well. Have you been able to scuba this Fall?

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for being such a great mentor! Feel free to send students my way if they have any questions. And yes! I am 2 open water dives away from my open water SCUBA certification! Fingers crossed.

  2. Go Megan! Working with/helping develop a new organization must’ve been an incredible experience. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. This sounds like such a great experience with important implications! Do you know why these specific age groups were chosen to be targeted by your work?

    1. Individuals in those age groups are often left out of organizations when they think of their target market, but One Blue Ocean recognized that individuals in that age range are the ones wit the passion to enact change and are the future leaders!

  4. Megan: Congratulations! I’m so glad we get to celebrate your hard work and passion today, even virtually, because your time with One Blue Ocean sounds genuinely phenomenal. I love your recognition of and emphasis on proactive networking — it NEVER hurts to reach out to an organization or individual you’re interested in, so I’m glad you’ve got that all figured out. Cheers!

  5. Megan – What nice job you’ve done of weaving a narrative that connects your academics, your previous APEX Fellowship with your interests in environmentalism and non-profits. Will we be seeing you in the deep one of these days? Congratulations on making the most of your summer!

    1. Hello! Thank you so much! I hope. I am 2 open water dives away from my open water SCUBA certification!

  6. Megan,
    Thank you for sharing this experience, including how it has impacted your interests and the advice for reaching out to potential internship sites. Your tips are great!

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