Macy Bischoff

APEX Fellowship | Macy Bischoff

October 22, 2020   /  

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Class Year: 2022
Faculty Mentor: David McConnell

With aspirations in medicine, I read recommended “pre-med” literature and began MCAT preparations. I also volunteered remotely with Cards for Courage to create handmade cards for healthcare workers.

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  1. Macy-You certainly had to do a lot of pivoting this summer, and although I know that was stressful at times, you handled it with grace. I know your capacity for thoughtful reflection will continue to serve you well. And, in addition to using the pink sticky note to motivate you, you also kept a well-organized spreadsheet of your activities and goals!
    I predict the future recipients of your care are going to be very lucky indeed.

    1. Thank you, Cathy! This Fellowship was a wonderful experience, and I am so grateful for your support!

  2. You certainly did learn how to be adaptable this summer. It’s great to hear you thinking about your own strengths and redesigning your experience. I’m sure you can now see your own resilience during troubling times.

  3. Macy – Way to leverage your creativity and adaptability to design such a worthwhile APEX Fellowship! I really enjoyed learning about your experience this summer. Best of luck on the MCAT and medical school applications.

  4. Thank you for sharing and reflecting on your EL work through Health Coaches and the APEX fellowship! Good luck with the medical school application process.

  5. Macy – I know that you’ve faced so many challenges and pivots during this experience. It’s been wonderful to see your creativity and resourcefulness in action as you (in your own words) “coexisted with the uncertainty.” I’ve always appreciated your engagement in reflection and know that your future self and patients will benefit from your engagement in that as well. Best wishes.

  6. Really great presentation! I think a lot of students could benefit from your thoughtful and creative approach to achieving your goals while maintaining self-care along the way. Best of luck with the MCAT and your future goals.
    BTW, is your sister Hallie? My daughter is good friends with her!

  7. Macy–Excellent presentation which brought back a lot of great memories of our correspondence this summer (can’t believe you didn’t mention the Great Matcha Incident of 2020, though:). You really should get a gold medal for adaptability. Best of luck with the next steps on your pathway to a career in medicine. I look forward to the post-COVID moment when we can possibly meet up!

  8. Macy, your presentation is excellent! It was very touching to hear your reflections on the Apex Fellowship and the ways you coped with numerous 9o degree turns in your plans. It was great to hear about your self-care and use of the Pomodoro method, and we’ll check out your recommendation of “What Doctors Say, What Patients Hear.” Thank you for spreading the word about Cards for Courage. It’s been a joy to watch you learn and grow from Central Christian High School through your years at Wooster. Best wishes and congratulations! Mary Stockton

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