Katiasofia Gonzales

APEX Fellowship | Katiasofia Gonzales

October 26, 2020   /  

Major: Undecided
Class Year: 2023
Faculty Mentor: Grit Herzmann

Andrew Award of Excellence

At the Colegio Montesori del Cusco, Peru I worked remotely as a teacher assistant planning and conducted online classes for 4th to 9th grades in various disciplines.

The Andrew Award for Excellence recognizes students who demonstrated distinction throughout the process of applying for an APEX Fellowship.

Katiasofia Gonzales will be online to field comments on Nov. 5 from 11:30am – 1:00pm.

11 thoughts on “APEX Fellowship | Katiasofia Gonzales”

  1. Great presentation. I enjoyed learning more about your summer internship. I understand even more about why you are such a great STEM Zone ZI. Thank you.

  2. This experience has been life altering for you as well as your students. I am inspired by the fact that you approached your project with such enthusiastic and informed adaptability. Your students are fortunate to have a teacher who is not only empathetic, but who simultaneously learns. I am proud to have worked with you.

  3. Katie Sofia,
    Thank you for your presentation. I can see that you are passionate about teaching, which is wonderful. You worked with a variety of age groups this summer and I’m curious if you formed a preference for which age group you’d like to work with?

  4. Hi Katia,

    These videos exhibit all that I have come to expect of you: a compelling presentation of a challenging project that you tackled with your full heart and mind and which made a difference in people’s lives. Congrats!

    It seems like adapting the Mentessori philosophy to a virtual platform must have been a challenge. Were you able to find ways to mimic the self-directed, hands-on approach in your online teaching?

    Tim Freeze

  5. Thank you Katiasofia! It was very interesting to hear about your process in teaching and insightful to so many of us teaching in these new formats. I look forward to hearing more about what your current research project.

  6. What a wonderful presentation, Katiasophia. It’s clear you approached your internship with the same deliberateness you demonstrated during the application process for the APEX Fellowship. Congratulations on a well-spent summer. I know you managed it during a lot of disruptions.

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