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October 22, 2020   /  

Data Analytics and Software Engineering

Salim Dohri ’21, Computer Science
Zhen Guo
’21, Computer Science
Advisor: John Ramsay

This technology company’s primary business is website domain issuance and reselling. The team used data analytics to build a pricing model for humbly’s domain auction business. They also applied their software engineering skills to develop a URL shortening web application.

Members of humbly LLC will be online to field comments on Nov. 5 from 11am-1pm.

22 thoughts on “AMRE | humbly LLC”

  1. Great work ! It’s amazing to see how this project went from start to finish!! Always enjoyed hearing your progress during AMRE.

  2. Zhen and Salim. It was so nice to work with you this summer. I really appreciated your steady focus on the job at hand and how you took ownership of your project work. It made things so much easier for me! Thanks for tackling a different sort of AMRE project and making a success of it. The remote work skills you learned are of great value. Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need a reference that speaks to these abilities. Great work!

  3. Love your explanations and your graphics! Makes your work very understandable. Salim, appreciated your comments on the importance of setting up a routine when working remotely, and Zhen, your suggestions of not being overwhelmed by things you don’t know and to make use of advisors and your own research skills! Nice job.

  4. Great job! It is a super interesting project and I did learn quite a bit from your project, so thanks for that too!

  5. Excellent work, Salim & Zhen! I wonder, what did you observe were the most expensive domain names? Was there any one in particular that stuck out to you as outrageously priced?

    1. Hi Prof. Guarnera! Thank you for coming! The most expensive domain names are usually very short and are themselves popular English words, like The company we are working with mainly deal with .io domains. Even though .io is not as popular as .com, a domain name can be sold at thousands of dollars. I hope this answers your question.

      1. It does, thank you. It’s fascinating to see what price we place on various words/phrases for domains. Great work on the presentation & problem explanation.

  6. Interesting work. You both did a really good job explaining the technical nature of the work that you were required to do. Your tips for working with a team and working remotely were great.

  7. Great presentation Salim and Zhen! It was very interesting to learn about your work.
    What was your favorite part of working on each of the projects?

    1. I am working on the Pricing modeling part. My favorite thing was actually exploring Google Ads API and collect search volume data from them.

  8. Wonderful work, Salim & Zhen! Your presentation was very well done.
    I appreciated your segment on remote work. What do you think was the most effective strategy that made your collaboration succeed in a remote environment?

    1. Thank you! I think that my co-worker and I checking-in daily with each other definitely helps a lot. In a remote environment, a sense of being together is definitely very important.

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