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AMRE | Habitat for Humanity

October 26, 2020   /  

Economic Impact Analysis

Will McCullough ’21, Economics
Tabitha Skornik-Hayes ’22, Global & International Studies
Advisors: Jim Burnell, Brooke Krause

The team analyzed budgets, expenditure receipts, and housing data to evaluate the financial and social impacts of the Habitat affiliate’s operations across Wayne County. Positive impacts were observed in local construction spending and housing value spillovers.

This project was made possible by financial support from the following organizations: The Andrew Fellowships Fund, The Laura B. Frick Charitable Trust, The Ralph R. & Grace B. Jones Foundation, The Donald & Alice Noble Foundation, Bala Venkataraman, The Wayne County Community Foundation, The Wilson Fellowships Fund, and Habitat for Humanity in Wayne County.

Members of Habitat for Humanity will be online to field comments on Nov. 5 from 11am-1pm and from 3:30pm-5:30pm.

14 thoughts on “AMRE | Habitat for Humanity”

  1. Habitat Team – great job calculating the significant financial impact Habitat has on our local economy. It was an honor to work with an organization who does such important work in our community. Well done!

    1. Thank you, Linda! This was a wonderful team to work with, I couldn’t have done it without them.

  2. Really appreciated your using the organization’s mission statement to frame your work. In addition to the value you brought to Habitat, it sounds like you both developed a nice set of hard and soft professional skills you’ll continue to use moving forward. (Go Excel!)

  3. Great job on the project. It’s incredible to see the financial impact of this organization. I’m glad you both got a chance to work with data visualization skills. This is a really important skill.

    1. Thank you! We are super grateful for having had this opportunity to help us develop those skills!

  4. Thank you Will and Tabitha! I use your numbers almost everyday!! I appreciate your hard work this summer in help us formulate a message about helping more than just one family at a time!

    1. We are so appreciative that you entrusted us with this work and that we were able to deliver! Thank you for your continued support and we wish you the best!

  5. Will and Tabitha. Sorry to do this so late. I hope you come back to the page at some point and see it. Thanks so much for your energy and commitment this past summer. There was a lot of uncertainty as we took on the challenge of a remote AMRE program and it was all of you that made it work. Your focus and self-discipline in this very unfamiliar work environment was great. You’ve got some very marketable skills going forward and I know you have a bright future. Great feedback above from Beth. This work really does make positive and lasting changes in our community!

    1. Thank you so much for all of your support and for making this AMRE experience possible for us! We truly appreciate your feedback!

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