Eric Kraus

APEX Fellowship | Eric Kraus

October 26, 2020   /  

Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Class Year: 2021
Faculty Mentor: Tim Freeze

Volunteering with The American Red Cross in Pittsburgh, I distributed produce locally, researched veteran’s mental health issues, and created a report to help the Red Cross improve these services.

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  1. Eric – There is no doubt you had to pivot numerous times this summer! Your thoughtful reflections on how the work with the Red Cross in specific and in the pandemic environment can’t help but serve you well as you move forward with med school and eventually approach your patients. Congratulations on making the most of your summer in a very trying situation.

    1. Mrs. McConnell – Thank you! Without the help of APEX staff members, I would never come across this opportunity. I appreciate your continued support throughout the entire process!

  2. Eric,
    I’m curious about the professional development modules you completed. If you had to recommend one of these modules to your fellow students, which module do you think you would recommend and why?

    I’m also glad to see that you can see your own resilience better!

    1. I would recommend an effective communication module or one involving working in a team. Both modules were very helpful in describing how to cooperate with different personalities while remaining professional. I also believe these skills extend beyond the workplace and improve everyday social skills.

  3. Eric,
    Your summer research is quite astounishing and inspiring! I’m very impressed with all that you have able to accomplish with the Red Cross, especially during everything with COVID. I have no doubt that any medical school would be very lucky to have you. How was this experience changed your mindset about going into the medicial field in general? Fantastic job!

    1. Noah – Thank you! The experience has only solidified my desire to enter the medical field, and has inspired me to find a way to work with patients while conducting research. Due to my combined interests, I have begun to explore MD/PhD programs. This career path would allow me to spend time in the laboratory and interact with patients.

  4. Eric, I enjoyed hearing your insights about the growth that you experienced through your challenging pivot-filled summer. It’s wonderful that you’ve been able to articulate these areas of growth, including emotional responses. What advice would you offer to other students who (at this time) seek in-person experiences as part of their career goals, but then experience challenges or necessary pivots during pursuit of those plans?

    1. Dr. Boes – I would remind individuals to remain flexible and persistent in their pursuits of an in-person experience. Many organizations are experiencing uncertainty with their in-person programs, but are still attempting to provide modified versions of their programs. Even though it may not be a perfect match for one’s career goals, these positions will still provide new experiences and an opportunity for growth.

  5. Eric, Thank you for sharing your wide range of experiences from the summer. It sounds like this really helped in giving you a good foundation to build upon for work in the medical field. Was there cross-over in the types of skills you use in lab research and coursework with the analyses you did this summer? I wish you the best as you navigate the application process!

    1. Dr. Sobeck – One of the main skills that translated between my APEX Fellowship and my I.S. research is the ability to read scientific papers efficiently and extract important information. I found this particularly useful when learning more about the mental health status of veterans. Furthermore, the skill has helped me in understanding various procedures that I practice within the laboratory. I believe that this skill will continue to be useful for the rest of my I.S. experience and in my future career.

  6. Hi Eric,

    Great presentation! I especially enjoyed the photos and extra details that helped me visualize all the things that we talked about over the summer. It was a privilege working with you. You did you a great job persevering through all the changes!

    Tim Freeze

    1. Dr. Freeze,

      Thank you for your continued support and advice over the summer! Your guidance was instrumental in creating a memorable summer experience and improving on valuable life skills. It was an honor to be able to work with you.

      Eric Kraus

  7. Hi Eric,

    Having just retired from a 35-year career in humanitarian response, I think the insights you gained into workplace dynamics and professional growth will serve you VERY well in whatever career you eventually choose. Don’t stop learning. If you haven’t yet undertaken a personality test (eg. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, ) I suggest you try to do so. I think this would compliment some of the workplace behavior / communications training you have already done. Understanding that (and how) individuals perceive and respond to social interaction differently due to their inherent ‘wiring’ is a competency that will help you excel in your professional (and personal) endeavors.

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