Alegnta Mezmur

APEX Fellowship | Alegnta Mezmur

October 27, 2020   /  

Major: Undeclared
Class Year: 2023
Faculty Mentor: Matt Krain

Wilson Award

Intern at Addis Law Group LLP and Forum for Social Studies, I conducted policy research on women empowerment and acquired experiential learning for a future in the legal field.

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13 thoughts on “APEX Fellowship | Alegnta Mezmur”

  1. Alegnta,
    So happy you were able to complete this internship despite all the changes because of COVID. I miss seeing you in APEX. I’m curious about how you earned the trust in the women you interviewed, did you develop the questions or were they created by someone else?

    I love how you talk about overcoming obstacles. Your resilience is outstanding. What advice do you have for other students in this uncertain time?

    1. Hello Lisa,
      Thank you so much. I miss seeing you as well! I gained their trust by first establishing a relationship with them and creating a comfortable space where they felt safe to say anything. There was a team dedicated to draft questions beforehand, but as the interview went on, I suggested alternative questions or to change some of the wording based on my experience. My advice would be to stay patient because this time shall pass and take advantage of all of the provided opportunities.

  2. Alegnta,
    This is a wonderful explanation of the internship experience that you had. I really enjoyed working with you, and reading your reflections this summer. Your presentation makes clear just how much you got out of the experience, even given the difficult circumstances.

    Your work at the intersection of public policy, human development, and women’s empowerment is critical for the future of so many around the world. You had a unique opportunity to see how and why policy designed to help made a difference. What was the most important takeaway lesson that you think could inform other efforts at policymaking to yield development and women’s empowerment?

    1. Hello Dr. Krain,
      I would like to first start by saying thank you for supporting me and being my mentor throughout my internship. Your feedback has helped and guided me to make the most out of my internship. The most important takeaway lesson I encountered is first understanding the relationship between policymaking, gender inequality, and economic growth. When policies are implemented, they affect both genders differently; as per my experience, women are strongly disadvantaged compared to men in several areas such as literacy, health, and basic human rights, especially in Ethiopia’s rural areas. So for development and economic growth within a country, we should understand the impacts of policymaking on women because they restrict them from reaching their full potential. So, in the future, I believe that women empowerment is key to development and economic growth.

  3. Alegnta – What a thoughful reflection you provided in your presentation. I predict you are well-poised to take on future experiences with the professionalism you gained and the flexibility you employed. I know it was a roller coaster for you throughout the spring. Nice job!

  4. Alegnta,
    Thank you for your presentation. This experience sounds like it was wonderful. I am curious about your translation experience. How do you imagine you might be able to articulate the translation tasks you successfully completed? This is an exceptionally important communication skill and should be highlighted.

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